Process Map and Process Cards per AS9100 – ISO 9001

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The process map and process cards are useful documents that provide an overall view of the QMS and the relationship between the processes. It is usually the document that will act as an ice-breaker when an audit is initiated for a specific process.

This article will provide guidance on the key elements to have a self-standing process map and process cards.


A process map is a visual document that provides an overall visualization of the QMS and its components. While it looks straight forward, it will require deep thinking at this stage to avoid having too many processes or not enough. It will also make you consider processes that will be excluded because they are outsourced, excluded from quality manual, or simply not being part of the QMS Scope.

The processes shall be split between:

      • Realization (usually production and supply chain)
      • Management (usually strategic leadership, eventually EH&S or QMS)
      • Out of scope
      • Support (all the rest)

process cards

A “Turtle Diagram” is a schematic visual representation of the key elements that make up a single process. It is used to illustrate the 1-page plan for a single process including the resources needed to achieve the process’s purpose.

The template that you will find in the download section is covering all these elements. As mentioned the process card is the ice-breaker when the auditor will start auditing a specific process. Making it clear and simple will help to achieve a smooth discussion.

DOWNLOAD section

Download our ready-to-use Process Map and Process Card Templates. In addition to the template, there 3 detailed examples of process cards for QA, Supply Chain, and Production. These documents are meeting AS/ISO requirements and will require a little adjustment to be adapted to your organization’s QMS.

Download our premium AS9100 / ISO 9001 Process Map & Process Cards on Sellfy


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Process Map and Process Cards per AS9100 – ISO9001

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