Management Review Procedure per AS9100 – ISO 9001

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The management review is usually a yearly meeting where the organization management reviews the overall performance of the QMS. It is one of the documents shared with external auditors before the start of the on-site audit.

This article will provide guidance on the key elements to include in the management review meeting as well as ready-to-use procedure and template in the download section.


ISO 9001 and AS9100 covers document control requirements in clause 9.3: The management review process requires Top Management to periodically review the Quality Management System to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness while addressing the possible need for changes to quality policy, objectives, targets and other elements of the QMS.

The management review supports the continuous improvement of the QMS and related documents (policy, manual, contextual analysis, …). As your organization’s QMS increases in its effectiveness and efficiency, your processes performance and improvement process will likewise increase.


The management review in itself should not be an overwhelming activity. With good preparation and schedule, it is a straightforward area of the QMS however if it is not done properly or on-time it gives a negative message to auditors.

Below are the most important steps and timing to follow in order to achieve a smooth management review. Assuming that the target date for the 2021 Management Review is the 31st of January, 2022:

    •  Jan-2021: develop your internal audit schedule and make sure actions from the 2020 management meeting were cascaded or allocated to each process pilot
    • Aug/2021: check the progress of internal audits schedule and assess if they will be all completed by end of Oct-Nov
    • Aug – Sep/2021: review the contextual analysis with process owners (SWOT, interested parties, risk registers).
    • Oct/2021: all internal audits shall be complete, late audits shall be closed by Nov/2021
    • Dec/2021: issue agenda blocker for the management meeting and provide a blank template for process owners
    • Mid-Jan 2022: the management review documents are 90% complete. Chase the last slides.
    • End-Jan 2022: hold the management review and issue meeting minutes

In the above scenario, it is assumed that all other day-to-day activities were conducted per the established procedures: management of the internal/external claims, each process KPI, …


The agenda of the management review is the most critical aspect of the activity and should be considered carefully.

The ISO/AS does not go into great detail about the content of the management review but it does give some hints. The below items shall be covered in the management meeting :

    • Actions from a previous management meeting
    • Contextual analysis status
    • Each process performance and status
    • Quality status
    • Assessment of the adequacy of the QMS

DOWNLOAD section

Download our ready-to-use Management Review Procedure which includes the procedure, a meeting agenda as well as a template. These documents are meeting AS/ISO requirements and will require a little adjustment to be adapted to your organization’s QMS.


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