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Project Managers are some of the most efficient people in the world. They invest time and energy to establish the best working environment and obtain the best enablers.

To help you with project management, we offer the most competitive Gantt Chart Maker which unleashes the power of Microsoft Excel.


While expensive project software programs are the absolute master-piece when leading high-stakes endeavors, they may turn to be counter-productive and not cost-efficient for more simple projects.

The Gantt Chart Maker is the cost-conscious alternative that suits most medium-scale projects. This tool will :

  • Saves you time and energy through a user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Eliminates the learning curve as it uses the industry-standard Microsoft Excel
  • Gives an accurate status of key project metrics and helps you achieve more with your team
  • Puts you in control of your know-how as all data are stored locally, in a shared drive, or a cloud service




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Overview of the Gantt Chart Maker
3 types of views: daily, weekly, monthly
Build your schedule backwards (retroplanning)
5 pre-set color designs
Manage all actions from the Excel ribbon menu
Customizable red line
Customizable week-end days
Filter by task status
Filter based on the person in charge
Manage the dependencies between tasks
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To guarantee the highest security standards we selected « Sellfy » for the purchasing transaction. Sellfy is a renowned digital marketplace that acts as a third party between you and us :

Sellfy accepts the following payment methods:



guarantee.pngAfter the purchase, we are confident to exceed your expectations. We will deeply regret if this is not the case and if such a situation occurs we guarantee a 30-days refund policy.

We will not ask for your motivation unless you wish to share it with us for future improvements. All you have to do is to send us an email or complete the reimbursement form and we will proceed with the reimbursement.


chat.pngWe developed this Gantt Chart Maker to be self-standing and not requiring a complex manual. We record all the questions we receive and we use them to improve the features of the tool.

For most frequent questions, we prepared a detailed and well-documented FAQ page that includes step-by-step screencasts and uses natural language allowing you to quickly find the solutions you are looking for.

In case you still could not find your answer from the FAQ, we will support you with any issue you may face via email or using the contact form.


RM_SB_Referral_WoM_Icon_250x250We value our users’ feedback and it is the ground base of our continuous improvement.

Since 2010, this Gantt Chart was downloaded more than 150.000 times and we received hundreds of improvement proposals and encouragement messages.

Below are some chosen testimonials:

I was searching for an easy excel template to do project management and found yours. It’s very easy to use and just what I need for my small construction company. Thanks a lot. Cheers from Portugal !

I found your Gantt Chart Maker by coincidence and since then I am using it for my projects. Originally, I was considering Microsoft Project but finally Excel is more than enough. I made little tweaks to fit my business. Thanks a lot. Great job!

Great job ! Excellent work ! Congratulations and Thank you very much.

I have a rental car business and I am using your tool on a daily basis to plan all the tasks, activities and manpower. I am considering to use it for an expansion project we will undertake early next year. Thank you so much. Great work. Well done.

This tool is so easy to use. Everyone in the team know how to use Excel and therefore can update the planning by himself. When I send it to our suppliers, I never receive complaints that they could not open it or could not use it. It saves me time and I can focus more on the actual job. Thanks.

Great alternative to the basic and unaesthetic spreadsheets I started making myself. Thanks again.


The Gantt Chart Maker is being used by professionals from the following companies and organizations:



In case you would have any additional question about the Gantt Chart Maker, feel free to use the below contact form:

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Link to the changelog of the Gantt Chart Maker


Terms of use and license agreement can be found on the following page.


32 réflexions sur “Excel Gantt Chart Maker

    • Anass Am. dit :

      Hello Redouane,
      Sellfy is the safest platerform for digital products e-commerce. There were other cheaper options as good as sellfy but we prefer to cover the charges from Sellfy and offer a platform that everyone can rely on. We have been using Sellfy since 2016 without any issue or complain. You receive an email with the download link within minutes after payment.

  1. Bill K. dit :

    I am using this tool since 2016 and just downloaded the latest version, great work !!! I keep my email to receive new updates.

  2. longan dit :

    Just was browsing web 2.0 site when I found your sit, and I want to say your blog template is very nice.
    How long have you been running this blog? The way you do all of this makes it
    look like a piece of cake. Your blog is eye-catching, not to
    mention boasts an abundance of quality material.

  3. Anass Am. dit :

    Dear all,

    Thank you for all your support and comments about the Gantt Chart which is available as free download in my blog. Already 100.000 downloads « … and still couting 😀 ».

    Unfortunately, I could not reply to all your questions these last months. However, I preciously kept all of them and considered each one when elaborating this new version.

    I hope you will appreciate this new version which is available at : https://project-lead.eu/2010/12/09/download-free-excel-gantt-chart/ (make sure you download the version 6.2 and not the previous one).

    Seen the amount of introduced improvements, this version is still bêta. I invite you to share with me any issue or comment or comment you may have about this template.

    Thank you.

  4. Frazer dit :

    The Gantt Chart in Excel looks very nice. I can be able to download the French version. Unfortunately I can’t read it. Pls advise how to download the English version.

  5. anu dit :

    I think there is an option to choose English! I was able to choose, however, there are no bar graphs appearing on my Gantt chart and so am a bit disappointed, is it because I am using Excel 2010, please help!

  6. Tom dit :

    Sorry, but I downloaded the « latest version » from the link above, and it turned out to be in French, not English. I could work with that, but I am not so sure about my colleagues.

    • Anass Am. dit :

      Thank Leo for your feedback. I must apologies, I did not try this chart in Mac plateform during my error-proof trials.

      At a first glance, I can say there is a difference on how Windows & Mac handle dates : Windows reference date is 1/1/1900 and Mac is 1/1/1904.

      It is reported on the net that the formula « WORKDAYS » is impacted by this difference (see: http://groups.google.com/group/microsoft.public.mac.office.excel/browse_thread/thread/7f5b4222cc3a263c).

      1) I would need to get hold of a mac to make some trials and fix the bug. If the bug is consistent, a simple tweak on the formula would solve it. Best case, I will find a formula that fits both Win & Mac. However, getting a mac may take me some time and therefore I can’t promise quick fix.

      2) As a quick fix, may I suggest you to change the date system to the 1900 system (Go to Preferences/Calculation, uncheck the 1904 date system checkbox). Please let me know if it worked and if you have any side effects. In parallel I will work on item #1.

      Apologies again for all fans of Mac 🙂


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