Time Management : Covey Matrix

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You are most probably familiar with the Covey Matrix (or Time Management Matrix). In my opinion, this is a powerful tool to be used for all aspects of our lives including complex projects and their management.

Covey initiated this concept in his best seller book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. The idea behind this is to divide your tasks according to 2 factors: Importance and Urgency.

The challenge is then to stay “above the line” (see the below table). In other words to stay mainly in the boxes I and II (Important Tasks whether they urgent or not) and eliminate or drastically reduce activities related to boxes III and IV (Not Important Tasks).

In a second step, the idea is to gradually convert tasks from the box I (Important and Urgent) into tasks that are in box II (Important but Not Urgent) through better planning, preparation, scheduling, standardization, grouping tasks, crisis anticipation, drills, etc.



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