Gantt Chart Maker : Change Log


8.2.16 – Sep 2016 :
Major Changes:
  • Now can add milestones to your projects
  • Now can go up to a third level of sub-tasks
  • Major improvement: the macros are using relative adress of the rows & columns. It allows you to add new columns and rows (this is still beta with some bug risks, do it on back-up file).
  • General improvements to the ribbon menu
  • Improved the re-numbering (you can choose from 2 possibilities)
Under Hood Changes:
  • Translation improvements
  • Fixed minor bugs related to first day of the week
  • Fixed major bugs related to the start-up screen
  • Improved overall performance and speed

8.1.9 – Aug 2016 :
  • Added visual bars to chart area for tasks (so far only sub-tasks are shown)
  • Added date picker for “start date” and “red line”
  • Fixed compatibility issues with Excel 2016 for MAC
  • Fixed the issues when users wanted to increase the scope (length) of the Gantt Chart
  • Removed the top-right drop-down menu to enhance user experience and style. All previous features can now be found either on the left menu, the ribbon or the right click menu.
  • Improved ribbon performance for Excel 2010 and above
  • Added the “red line” icon to the ribbon menu
  • Improved right click menu performance for all versions
  • Increased the performance of several under hood features
  • Added filter by “person in charge” or by “progress” to the ribbon (2010 and above for PC, 2016 and above for MAC)

8.0.15 – June 2016 :
  • Fixed an issue where after a while the conditional formatting become too complex and too slow. Now the C/F always stay clean.
  • Now can add task(s) with 1-single click from ribbon or right click menu
  • Added a new interface to insert several tasks and sub-tasks
  • Added new feature to delete a task or a serie with 1-single click from ribbon or right click menu
  • Added the possibility to switch between 5 different color styles
  • Now the Gantt Chart supports the retro-planning (use negative duration e.g: -5 days)
  • Added dependencies between tasks with 1-single click
  • Added a new feature that can change a task to sub-task and vice-versa
  • Added a new feature that can move up or down a sub-task
  • Added a new features that re-number the tasks and enhanced the numbering algorithm
  • Added ribbon menu with several new features (2010 and above for PC, 2016 and above for MAC)
  • Added context menu with several new features
  • Fixed an issue related to the “start date – automatic lowest date”
  • Error proofed the Spanish translation with professional translator
  • Several under hood improvements o increase speed, safety and user experience
  • Several updates to the FAQ page
  • Added the possibility to to have several gantt chart in the same file
  • Added the possibility to choose one color for every person in charge

8.0.14 – June 2016 :
  • Minor bug fixes to STARTER version

7.9.9 – May 2016
  • Minor fixes for bugs related to Excel 2007 for PC

7.9.8 – May 2016 :
  • Minor fixes for bugs related to Excel 2007 for PC

7.9.7 – Apr 2016 :
  • Several fixes for compatibility with MAC 2011
  • Several fixes for PC Excel versions
  • Under hood improvement for speed and algorithms

7.9.4 – Mar 2016 :

7.4 – Feb 2016 :
  • Major improvement to the overall user interface
  • Complete new design
  • Translation in English, French, Spanish and German

6.2 – June 2014 :
Version 6.2:

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