Time Management : Covey Matrix

You are most probably familiar with the Covey Matrix (or Time Management Matrix). In my opinion this is a powerful tool to be used for all aspects of our lives including complex projects and their management.

Covey initiated this concept in his best seller book « The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ». The idea behind is to divide your tasks according to 2 factors: Importance and Urgency.

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[Download] Map Chart With Excel : Visualize any data on any map !

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This excel document is a template for a Map Chart.  It has few Visual Basic macros and it is 100% spyware/maleware free.  It is also user-friendly, totally flexible for any map and free for personal use.

Usage of such map chart might be useful to visualize:

  • Performance of a set of shops / plant / workshops / schools / supermarkets or whatsoever by geographical location
  • Sales per city / street / country
  • Highlight locations requiring additional focus

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[Download] Waterfall Chart In Excel

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This excel document is a template for waterfall chart.  It is free from Visual Basic macros , user-friendly and totally free for personnal use.

Usage of such waterfall chart might be useful to visualize:

  • reasons behind an increase/decrease of a set value (cost, price, duration, score, percentage, …)
  • breakdown of involved factors to which the increase/decrease is related
  • positive/negative factors can be easily spotted based on colour-code red / green.

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[Download] Excel Gantt Chart Maker

Project Managers are some of the most efficient people in the world. They invest time and energy to establish the best working environment and obtain the best enablers.

To help you with project management, we offer the most competitive Gantt Chart Maker which unleashes the power  of Microsoft Excel.

What do we offer ?

While expensive project software programs are the absolute master-piece when leading high stakes endeavours, they may turn to be counter-productive and not cost-efficient for more simple projects.

The Gantt Chart Maker is the cost-conscious alternative which suits most medium-scale projects. This tool will :

  • Saves you time and energy trough an user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Eliminates the learning curve as it uses the industry standard Microsoft Excel
  • Gives an accurate status of key project metrics and helps you achieve more with your team
  • Puts you in control of your know-how as all data are stored locally, in a shared drive or a cloud service

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