Time Management : Randy Pausch – The Last Lecture

In my opinion, this is the best lecture about Time Management. It is given by Randy Pausch at Carnegie Mellon University and it is called « Achieving your childhood dreams.

This lecture is also known as The Last Lecture of Randy Pausch. It gives an excellent insight into his quest for making the best use of time and I must it is powerful.

If you would like to know more about Randy Pausch, visit his website (http://download.srv.cs.cmu.edu/~pausch/) or the following Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Randy_Pausch.

[Download] Map Chart With Excel : Visualize any data on any map !

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This excel document is a template for a Map Chart.  It has few Visual Basic macros and it is 100% spyware/maleware free.  It is also user-friendly, totally flexible for any map and free for personal use.

Usage of such map chart might be useful to visualize:

  • Performance of a set of shops / plant / workshops / schools / supermarkets or whatsoever by geographical location
  • Sales per city / street / country
  • Highlight locations requiring additional focus

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[Download] Waterfall Chart In Excel

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This excel document is a template for waterfall chart.  It is free from Visual Basic macros , user-friendly and totally free for personnal use.

Usage of such waterfall chart might be useful to visualize:

  • reasons behind an increase/decrease of a set value (cost, price, duration, score, percentage, …)
  • breakdown of involved factors to which the increase/decrease is related
  • positive/negative factors can be easily spotted based on colour-code red / green.

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