[Download] Map Chart With Excel : Visualize any data on any map !

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This excel document is a template for a Map Chart.  It has few Visual Basic macros and it is 100% spyware/maleware free.  It is also user-friendly, totally flexible for any map and free for personal use.

Usage of such map chart might be useful to visualize:

  • Performance of a set of shops / plant / workshops / schools / supermarkets or whatsoever by geographical location
  • Sales per city / street / country
  • Highlight locations requiring additional focus

Download latest version:

To download the file, click on the link below :


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Versions History:

Version 1: http://www.box.net/shared/5t86ke7gd3Screenshot 1Screenshot 2Screenshot 3

Modifications Record:

Version 1 (13/05/2011):
– Initial release

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